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Most Serious Charges Dropped Once Again in Second Beta Theta Pi Preliminary Hearing

District Judge Allen Sinclair has dropped a majority of the refiled charges for a second time against 11 of the former brothers of the Penn State University's no longer existing Beta Theta Pi fraternity. For 6 of the former brothers Neuman, Sala, Kubera, Kenyon, Schiavone and Yochim all of the refiled charges were dismissed. However, the Piazzas have until February 4th, 2019 to take any civil legal actions against the remaining 11 brothers.

This Preliminary Hearing was anticipated to take up to six (6) days to complete. Judge Sinclair nonetheless was able to make a decision in just three (3) days. New evidence was presented at this hearing such as the basement surveillance footage of the now former fraternity house, which had been previously deleted by one of the brothers, as well as text messages. This led to the filing of charges against former brothers who were not among the original 14 charged a year ago. For these individuals a preliminary hearing is scheduled to be held in May.

After a closer look at some of the recovered video footage Bream is seen the morning of Tim's death standing just 10 feet from Piazza while he was passed out on the couch. One thing that was made clear by Attorney Ambrose, who represents Joseph Sala, during these hearings is that the former Penn State football trainer, Tim Bream's, role is something that needs to be further investigated.

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