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The Browns sued Dr. Beaton and Metro Health for medical negligence when complications arose during what began as a very routine child birth. She had checked into the hospital after her water broke as many expecting mothers do. She then had a prolonged labor period, and when a digital check was done an infection was discovered to have developed in her womb. 

Doctor Beaton, however, failed to order antibiotics and stopped and started labor-inducing drugs. The unborn child's heart began to race, and the mother began vomiting and developed a high fever. The infection sickened Mrs. Brown severely and weakened her child considerably in the birth process. 

After 42 hours of painful and infection riddled labor, Beaton ordered a caesarian section. An expert witness at trial testified that Beaton should have ordered a caesarian section  at least 20 hours earlier when the complications became apparently problematic to child birth.

Ultimately, the baby drowned in in the fluids caused from the infection in a most horrific fashion. The Browns were completely and utterly floored by this tragedy, and sought Attorney Ambrose as legal counsel to help them show all hospitals that their mistakes do not go unpunished. Especially when they are completely avoidable and result in the death of a precious child.

The Browns were told by doctors and the hospital that the baby died from a "plecental web" that kinked the umbilical cord. Yet, there was no medical evidence to back up that theory. The Browns in fact never knew the actual cause of death until four years later when preparing for trial with Attorney Ambrose. 

Mr. Brown stated to the Erie Times, "I think when you go to the doctor you assume you are going to be treated properly and competently. We had no idea there was a problem, and then they lied to us about what happened."

The Jury eventually came back with a verdict for $4.1M after a three day trial. 

Lead counsel, Leonard Ambrose, had this to say:

"I hope this sends out a message to the medical community to clean out the incompetence before they start complaining about malpractice rates because it is people like this that kill and maim people because of their utter incompetence."

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